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To strike for the vision of developing excellence and elite in our clients’ organizations, we subsequently developed various innovative training programs to meet the modern corporate challenges. The products conceived are unique in which it focuses on local ever-changing socio-economic climate, and on client’s specific needs.

Teambuilding Program


Instead of literally learning about teamwork, the concept of this program “Learning in Action” brings people practical apprentice and personal development which gives birth to the “A” team. Gratification of teamwork and leadership brings people together and drives change that leads to a common goal.

Executive Program


This is a specific tailor made program for people who look for an all-round developed environment to transform themselves to be Committed, Creative and Communicative to inspire the world. “3H- Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Team” is a core concept of this program. It motivates positive thinking to unleash people’s potential to “Think, Act and React” and achieves healthy lifestyle. We lead people to take proactive action and fully committed to strengthen.

Action Meeting


A dynamic process and a powerful program that involves a small group of people solving real problems, helping people cope or solve problems and plan for the future by setting their post program action plan, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit each member, the group itself, and the organization as a whole. 

​Youth & School Program


"We cannot change the world, but at least, we can change ourselves"
To help young people build up a balanced physical and mental strength, our program is designed to provide breakthrough opportunities for their self improvement through experiential education methodology.

​Uncle Ben Program


Uncle Ben Believes: “Family is a great deal amount of support for every outstanding people.”
Uncle Ben, our energetic director, wants to share fun with your family together by interesting, simple and practical activities setting such as UNCLE BEN CAMPING, CHEF JUNIOR, and PARK EXPERIENCE to enhance the communication and understanding in family. Children can also improve their learning skills through exercises. Meanwhile, parents will be able to identify the child's characteristics, personality, emotional reactions and potential competence through the series of games and activities.

Corporate Training


More Corporate Training Programs:  Rope Course Program City Orienteering, Enterprise Program, Filming Program, Cooking Program, Fashion Program

​ACCT Certification Workshop


TMIL and Signature Research Inc. are in cooperative to design and provide ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) certification training workshop with coverage of technical, management and operation of challenge course.


Our workshops covered appropriate technical and course management issues for your personnel to develop the skills to operate your challenge course program ultimately provide a clear path for those who committed to become a Challenge Course Managers, as well as cultivate professional challenge course operating skills in each participant that he or she is able to operate and facilitate independently in an international ACCT standard.



Email us for any enquiries about our Training Workshop﹕

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