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Mr. Ben Ho, a committed professional and management trainer who recognized the need to develop creative training programs to meet the ever-changing corporate demands of large corporations and multinational firms established Training Master Limited in 1997. In the good view of an international business extension, our brand name has been changed to “Training Master International Limited” in 2004.


To strike for the vision of developing excellence and elite in our clients’ organizations, we subsequently developed various innovative training programs to meet the modern corporate challenges. The products conceived are unique in which it focuses on local ever-changing socio-economic climate, and on client’s specific needs.


Training Master International Limited has also built a strong reputation by offering highly adaptable and all-inclusive modules, emphasizing on staff members as a company’s most valuable resource. Training Master International Limited has been successful in serving both the private and public sector with its holistic strategy.


Our Training team is a fully registered member of the Association for Experiential Education in USA, and brings international professional qualifications as well as the strictest safety standards to all of its programs.


  • Foster the development of Experiential Training in Hong Kong and the Greater China Region

  • Introduce state-of-the-art training products and services to clients

  • Uplift participants’ quality to meet challenges ahead

  • We are dedicated to be the best provider of innovative training resources and strategies for corporations and organizations


Training Master International Limited is a concise committed team of professional individuals looking to promote innovative and price affordable team training programs and workshops with the best equipment, knowledge and experience. 


Training Master International Limited have been in business for over 15 years and is one of the leading experiential training companies in Asia. Staying a family sized business is our greatest strength! With this perspective we are able to have a close and trust worthy employee to employee relationships. 

On the other hand, we are able to closely spend more time and tailor makes each program to our clients specific needs. We wish to promote friendly, price reasonable corporate training with unique and innovative exercises. We base a lot of our theme of quality over quantity.

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