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Wooden boards, buckets, newspapers and straws are the most frequent tools used in most of the training programs organized in Hong Kong before 1997. Trainers and facilitators needed to spend plenty of time preparing and setting up the tools and then clearing them afterwards. 

Mr. Ben Ho, the Executive Director of Training Master International Limited, attended the International Exchange Convention of Association for Experiential Education in 1998. He experienced different professional and systematical training activities in the workshop, as well as interesting, reusable and portable training tools. During the workshop, someone asked Mr. Ho, “Do you have training equipment in Hong Kong?” This inspired Mr. Ho to start developing a local brand on training tools. 

The earliest products of Training Hardware (i.e. Pipeline, Black Hole, and Trust Ladder) were all made by Mr. Ho. After several trials by some local trainers and facilitators, positive feedbacks received that Training Hardware is environmental-friendly and can make participants more adopted into the program. Since then, Training Hardware became the sole brand of selling training tools in Hong Kong. The names of the activities are localized into new Chinese names, like「珠行萬里」(Pipeline),「黑洞」(Black Hole),「信心梯」(Trust Ladder) , which are still popularly used in the training field of Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong Correctional Services were our first and continuous clients purchasing Training Hardware and have always been satisfied to our quality. 

Training Hardware has refined all the products in 2005 with our appreciation to the adventurous training expert – Mr. Karl Rohnke of sharing his activities design. Training Hardware has captured Mr. Rohnke’s idea and further developed and localized the tools to make them more suitable for local trainers and organizations. 

Training Hardware has been and will always be the pioneer in providing and developing training tools. We have served over 500 different organizations, including NGOs, government sectors, educational institutes, corporate sectors and training consultancies, with revenue over HKD 3 million. Products of Training Hardware are guaranteed to be reusable and portable by using durable and light plastics. We believe a successful training program come with professional Training Hardware and facilitators.

Advantages of Training Hardware


  • High Performance

    • All products are designed to be highly portable and fitted in both outdoor and indoor environment.

  • User-Friendly

    • All products come with user guides in both Chinese and English, demonstrating the installation of equipments and step-by-step instructions, regulations and summary.

  • Professional Safety Standards

    • Training Hardware passed all strict safety standards, ensuring your safety on activities.

  • Quality Guarantee

    • We assure the quality of our products. Goods Replacement is accepted within 7 days after receiving products in case any failure of quality



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